Инструкция lcd speech household alarm 99

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Perfect structure, convenient installation, easy operation with wireless control keyboard are designed for the idea of people-oriented, which will make you feel easy and comfortable while use this system. When alarm phone call is picked up, you will hear "siren sound" two times, after playback, you can do the remotely control.

Nonetheless when you make phone call to alarm system for remotely control, you need to input the password. After pickup, you will hear "di" sound, then need input user codeyou can input the password for three times.

Why these features are designed with the added security? You only need to install the different sensors on the door or window,and preset necessary data on the panel. What will happen if user keys in a wrong password via a phone call - will the system give him a chance to put the correct password a few times for example 3 times and then hangup or will it hang-up immediately after first entry of incorrect password?

About the main panel…… Back function instruction ……… External siren volume adjustment……… Tone of arm and disarm setting……… Telephone alarm numbers setting……… GSM network signal inquiry… Delay alarm time setting… Delay arm time setting… Call in ring times setting…… Zone name edited by SMS………Contact us FAQ for GSM Wireless Alarm Kit - G60 1 Please confirm GU has ability of recording the 10 second message for playing back during alarm notification via a phone call AND it has the ability of leaving the 10 second voice memos which is a completely independent and different feature.

Are all those commands being entered without a passcode? We delete the voice message function from this model, and the information in manual is wrong, we updated in yesterday. After three times failure, it will hangup. The alarm system only can record the voice memo 10 seconds. Receive the phone call, user can pickup phone call, otherwise the system will pickup automatically for remotely control.

L2LCDGSM Wireless Home Security Alarm with GSM dialler/SMS with RFID & phone App - In-depth Setup

For both the user is required to first enter his password and then the command. Please read through this manual before using this product so as to operate the product properly.

The system will display: The G60 system can accept any phone calls or SMS.

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